My name is Irina Monroe and I am a  Licensed Esthetician in the state of California.

I have more than 20 years of experience both in Russia and in the United States under my belt. 

Starting at one of the best places in Southern Russia that catered to international tourists and high-profile clientele,

I held my work to the highest standard. To stay at the forefront of European technologies and practices,

I continuously visited all the major expos in the beauty industry and kept learning.

My passion for my work attracted thousands of happy customers over the years, most of whom found me by word of mouth. 

Upon coming to US, I graduated from Blaine School of Esthetics and Spa Sciences in Massachusetts (2005).

I continued my education while attending leading industry events in the US and Russia. 

I have an ability to gain a deeper understanding of my client’s needs and to form trusting relationships with my every client.

My work has been my passion for many years now. Every client is unique to me, and I approach each procedure with care specific to the individual. I custom-tailor each treatment based on the vast number of techniques that I practice.

Your satisfaction at the end of the treatment is of utmost importance to me.

I invite you to enjoy the high-quality services I provide. Fresh and soft linens, hot stones, steamed towels, soft memory foam table and pillow, and relaxing music are all among what you will experience during your procedure.

I use only disposable supplies for my service. Sanitation is one of my priorities in my services. I use virucides to thoroughly disinfect and clean all of my tools and equipment.

If an item cannot be thoroughly sterilized, it is thrown away after use/disposed of properly. 

Because I dislike things of haste and indifference in any area of my life, you will never have to face this when coming to me for any procedure. I will always pay attention to your needs, taking into account your personal qualities.

You will find that in my spa room it is always clean, smells pleasant, and relaxing music is playing.

I invite you to come immerse yourself and indulge in the “Me Time” atmosphere. We are all sometimes in need of this, so we can restore our strength and resources. When we look our best, we can feel our best!



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