FAQ about Restorative Breast Pigmentation

What is 3D Areola Pigmentation?

Areola pigmentation is  a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to create a natural nipple and areola.

Areola and Nipple tattooing is suitable for the follow patients:

*Post breast reconstruction surgery, following either a major lumpectomy or single/double mastectomy.
*Post breast augmentation, where the areola and/or nipple has been moved or removed.
*Those with uneven areolas who wish to gain more symmetry.
*Post transgender surgery.

Receiving a 3D Nipple and Areola restorative tattoo can help you to:

*Create a realistic experience of protruding nipple, even on completely flat skin.
*Achieve symmetry by matching your existing nipple in the case of a unilateral mastectomy.
*Feel comfortable in your skin again and reclaim your new reconstructed breasts.
*Have natural-looking nipples.

When can this procedure be performed?

You cannot get permanent areola pigmentation until all of your breast reconstructive procedure are completed.
This is because the size and shape of the breast mound must be finalized before placement of a nipple tattoo can be accurately determined.
The reconstruction process can take years for many woman, especially when breast revisions are needed.

Can this be done in one session?

No, this can take a minimum of two or more sessions depending on how your skin heals. Right after procedure, the pigments may seems dark, but once fully healed, the areola lightens 40-50% and appears more natural.

How long does it take to heal?

It can take up to 4-6 weeks or longer. The condition of the skin can play a significant role in the healing time.



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