Lip Liner & Lip Color Permanent Makeup

There are many benefits to the Permanent Lip treatment:

 - Restore the shape and natural color of your lips;

- Improve an existing shape;

- Correct asymmetrical outline for a more proportionate shaped mouth;

- Get the pout you have always wanted – without the need for fillers;

- Wearing lipstick every day and hate the bare lips look?

Recreate your favourite lipstick with a full colour lip boost;

- Repair uneven areas of colour due to age, smoking, cold sores and scarring.

Permanent Makeup Lips is a perfect treatment whether you simply want to add a youthful touch of color to faded lips, improve the definition of your lip line, add fullness to your lips, redefine your lip contour or replicate your favourite lipstick look - it is all achievable with Permanent Cosmetics, also known as semi permanent makeup.

The treatment will help you save the time and hassle of making your lips just right and having to reapply your lip makeup many times a day and after every meal or drink. It is also perfect when on holidays: 

imagine spending a whole day on the beach without worrying about your gloss or lipstick. 

We can improve the shape of your lips using correctional techniques, just mention your desired result during the consultation, and we will work together in designing the perfect look for you.


List of services

Blended Lip Contour

Unfortunately the lip contours of most people will fade over time, giving the appearance of thin or older looking lips. This can be due to aging, smoking, sun damage or medical conditions. 'Lip Blend Contour' is a fabulous basic-level treatment, where the lip line is refreshed with a subtly defined contour, with colours that are feathered and blended into the lips to avoid a harsh line. The plumping effect will make the lips look fuller and the treatment is designed to give you a more youthful, defined lip contour.

Lip Blush (3D Lips
with Volumizing Effects)

The 'Lip Blush' incorporates the benefits of the Lip Contour, but with the addition of color softly blending into the body (about halfway) of the lips for that desired fuller 3D lip effect. This is the most popular lip treatment, as it gives the lips a fresh, young and natural look. Using this technique we can also design a nude look, intensifying the natural tone of your lips. Baby pinks, touches of beige, and even a flush of graduated color contoured from the outline and blended into the lips can achieve this effect.

Full Lip Color

If you hate the bare look of your lips but love your lipstick and wish it could stay on all the time without smudging and need of re-applying, this could be the right treatment for you. We will custom blend the pigments to closely match your favorite lipstick or desired color. The outcome will give you that vibrant, beautiful and glamorous lip look.

Redefined Lip Contour

To achieve more lip fullness or pout, we can subtly alter your lip contour, using natural lip-base pigments. It is a great way of improving your lip shape without having to resort to fillers or Botox.

Lip Augmentation

If your lips are asymmetrical, uneven or thin, then lip augmentation could help you. This treatment can really change how you look and feel. We can work together to significantly redefine your lip contour, keeping either your natural color or creating a full lip color change.



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