Waxing for women





Please arrive clean and refreshed, I have refreshing wipes that I am happy to hand if you are coming straight from work.

Length of hair

The hair needs to be a minimum of 1cm/0.4 inches to ensure maximum results.
If you have been shaving, you need a minimum of 2 weeks growth. If the hair is too short, the therapist will recommend that you do not carry out the treatment. I want to give you the best result and don’t want to waste your money.


During the treatment, every step of the process will be explained to you and I may need your help. All you have to do is follow my instructions. Helping with skin stretching, getting into different positions and so on. Because of this, no mobile phones or magazines will be allowed during your treatment. This is about teamwork.


I really care about my clients being comfortable during the treatment and I would like you to do the same for me. If you’re having a stressful day at work or aren’t in the right mood, kindly reschedule your appointment. I do my best to make the treatment pain free and I need you to be in the right, positive mindset.

Dress code

Paper pants will be provided. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Don’t forget, I am a lady too and I have seen it all!

IMPORTANT! Pregnancy Waxing.

Please note I only wax ladies that have passed 12 weeks of their pregnancy. I won’t be able to treat anyone over 38 weeks of pregnancy. 

*If you are planning a waxing treatment, avoid scheduling the appointment near your menstrual cycle. While it is still possible to wax during your cycle, your skin will be more sensitive and the treatment will be more painful at that time. Please also inform me before the treatment begins if you are on your period.



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